Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - How to address the root causes for a long term solution

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This is an On-Demand Webinar, meaning you can view it when it suits you! I'd highly recommend making it a priority, including a family member & choosing a time when you are unlikely to be interrupted. Viewing on your laptop or desktop will also improve your experience. If watching now is not suitable, you can find the link to view in the email confirming your registration. Set a time now and enjoy! This info really is gold!



  • What actually is IBS and what types exist?
  • Why is IBS considered a wastebasket diagnosis?
  • Why is simply managing symptoms with your IBS potentially dangerous?
  • Why can it be tricky to work out trigger foods? But, what can help?
  • Why is going low FODMAP NOT a solution to IBS and why it could be potentially damaging if used long term.
  • Which nutrient deficiencies can drastically impact IBS and gut health.
  • What is the connection between IBS and many other health conditions? (Such as reflux, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, PCOS and endometriosis).
  • What are the root causes of IBS that are rarely investigated by the medical profession?
  • What is dysbiosis and a "leaky" gut?
  • Why should NO ONE EVER settle for an IBS diagnosis?!
  • How is it possible to get rid of IBS symptoms for good?!
  • Plus, my 3 step protocol to address the root causes of IBS and transform one's health for the better.

Dr Georgina Compton

Dr Georgina is a certified functional medicine practitioner and chiropractor with over 16 years of experience helping people improve their health and well-being. She has a special interest in gut health and its connection to almost all disease.
As an ex-IBS sufferer she is incredibly passionate about helping those with IBS address the root causes of their poor gut health for a long-term solution.
She dreams of a time when people stop covering up their symptoms and instead uncover the causes of their health challenges, so they can thrive and not just survive.